Part of our job is to make your wedding planning a joyful time. Another part goes to making your wedding a beautiful day. We believe that Wedding flower design is a collaborative process involving many people. Consider us as an Architect to your event, beginning from creating a concept, selecting flowers, giving you options of furniture, creating layouts and customising the smallest details on each table.
Weddings at White Peonies Project doesn’t happen in just a clap of a hand. They are a product of passionate and dedicated team who is not just only flowering your moment but works behind the production pipeline. I hope you give us an opportunity to create something magic for your memorable day.


Mrs. Margareth

I’m a flower enthusiast and I love everything that screams Wedding.

I felt that wedding decorating is my calling, and I started White Peonies Project in late 2017, specialising in designing weddings florals and decorations with my own signature look for destination weddings in Bali.

To me, planning a wedding is an exciting adventure. I could still recall vividly what I did for my own wedding. Colour swatches, Pinterest, sketching designs, vendors visit, and I consider myself lucky to be repeating this journey with my brides. It just never gets boring.